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Name Specification Test Method
Penetration@25˚C 10-20 D-5
Softening point ˚C 110-120 D-36
Ductility@25˚C 2 min D-113
Loss on heating (wt)% 0.2 max D-6
Flash point ˚C 230 min D-92
Solubility in C S2 (wt)% 99 min D-4

OXIDIZED BITUMEN 115/15 (Blown Asphalt 115/15) is produced by either continuous or Staggered Blowing Process. Heated Penetration Grade BITUMEN under controlled environment is BLOWN with air which controls the oil content in the BITUMEN while it OXIDIZED. The different grades for suited applications produced are designated by two numbers to indicate the mid-points of their softening point and penetration ranges.
Petro Tar Company is Manufacturer of OXIDIZED BITUMEN that produce, export, supply and sell all grades of OXIDISED BITUMEN (Hard Bitumen, Waterproofing Bitumen) 99.5% Pure and without Gilsonite and just by air blowing, specially PURE OXIDIZED BITUMEN R115/15 by Competitive price. We offers High Quality and Purity IRANIAN OXIDIZED BITUMEN 115/15 (Oxidation Bitumen 115/15, Blown Bitumen 115/15) made according to ASTM STANDARD in PETRO TAR Company refinery.
Listed in the above charts are the ASTM STANDARD for PETRO TAR Company’s produced OXDIZED BIUMEN 115/15 (Hot mix asphalt 115/15, Cold Bitumen 115/15, Solid Bitumen 115/15, Waterproofing Bitumen 115/15, Coating Bitumen 115/15).
All BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS in PETRO TAR FACTORY are tested on a daily basis by our in-house lab and are available below packing:
Meltable Polyamide Bags (20 Kg) (25 Kg)
Carton Box (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
Kraft Bags (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
Blocks (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
Drums (20 Kg) (25 Kg)
Other kind of packing and Size are welcome from clients.
Each Packing of OXIDIZED BITUMEN 115/15 (Oxidized Asphalt 115/15) provides complete detail about OXIDIZED BITMEN like TYPE, SPECIFICATION, Safety and use, ….

Common uses of Oxidized Bitumen (Oxidiertes Bitumen) :

–  Roofing, flooring and waterproofing: Oxidized bitumen is commonly used as a waterproofing material in roofing & flooring applications. It provides a durable and weather-resistant barrier, making it suitable for flat roofs, built-up roofing systems, and modified bitumen roofing.  As bonding Bitumen for roofing sheets memberane Roll and pour application of bitumen felts. Foundation, Basement, Under_layments,  production of roofing felts, roll and pour application of bitumen felts, under carriage sealant, leak_proof layers, lining of dams, Canals and pools,  Marine Mastics.
  – Paving and road construction: In road construction and paving, oxidized bitumen or blown asphalt is used as a binder in hot mix asphalt (HMA) or warm mix asphalt (WMA). The oxidation process increases its stiffness and resistance to temperature variations, making it ideal for road surfaces that experience heavy traffic and high temperatures. Road resurfacing and repair, Construction Projects.
  – Joint and crack sealants: Oxidized bitumen or hard bitumen is employed as a sealant for filling joints and cracks in concrete or asphalt pavements. It helps prevent water infiltration and protects the underlying structure from moisture-related damage. Insulation, Isolation, Bridge Joints, Sealing of laps and joints of various bituminous felts and membranes.
 – Pipe coating and drilling: In the oil and gas industry, oxidized bitumen or oxidised bitumen is used for coating pipes to provide corrosion resistance and protect them from environmental factors. Lining of Cannals, dams and pipes,  anti-slip layer compound in the pilling Industry, leakage prevention of tunnels.
 – Bituminous Paints and coatings: Oxidized bitumen can be used as an additive in paints and coatings to improve their weather resistance and durability. Use as  russt_proof, Sealant Compound, Bituminous paints.
 – Electrical applications: Insulators of electrical material.In some electrical applications, such as cable jointing and sealing, oxidized bitumen is utilized due to its insulating and waterproofing properties.
 – Adhesives and mastics: Oxidized bitumen (Bitume Oxydé) is employed in the manufacturing of adhesives and mastics, which are used in various construction and industrial applications.
– Soundproofing, damp-proofing and Air & Vapour Control layers: Due to its dense and waterproof nature, oxidized bitumen is used for soundproofing and damp-proofing applications in buildings and structures. Used for production of  sound dampening felts.
Benefits of Produced OXIDIZED BITUMEN 115/15 by Petro Tar refinery:
• Quality assured manufacture.
• Conforms to ASTM standards with regards to softening point and penetration.
• Competitive and fair price.
• Prompt and on time Delivery
• Third party Inspection (SGS, COTECNA, BUREOVERITAS, GEOCHEM, INTERTEK) by Customer request
• Weatherproof Oxidized bitumen packaging for flexibility of storage.
• Various Kind of blown bitumen packing according to Customer’s Purpose. (Meltable Bag, Kraft Bag, Carton Box, Block, Keg, Drum)
• High Monthly Capacity for producing oxidized bitumen (Bitume Oxydé.)
• High Purity Oxidized bitumen (Blown grade bitumen) without Using Gilsonite and any other impurities
OXIDIZED BITUMEN packages wrapping can be melted in conventional boilers without the need for removal
Oxidized Bitumen Carton Boxes packing have non-stick insider layer that remove easily on Oxidized bitumen
• Full Coverage and support
CAS NUMBER: 64742-93-4
HS CODE: 27132000

OXIDIZED BITUMEN 115/15 (Pure & Without Gilsonite)


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