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BITUMEN 100/150

BITUMEN 100/150


NameSpecificationTest Method
  Specific gravity @25/25 ˚C1.01-1.06D-70
  Penetration @25 ˚C100-150D-5
  Softening point ˚C39-47D-36
  Ductility @25 ˚C100 minD-113
  Loss on heating (wt)%0.2 maxD-6
  Drop in penetration after heating %20 maxD-6 & D-5
  Flash point ˚C230 minD-92
  Solubility in CS2 (wt)%99.0 minD-4
  Spot testnegative*A.A.S.H.O.T.102
BITUMEN 100/150

PETRO TAR Company producer and exporter of all grades of Bitumen according to ASTM Standard. We are producing Penetration paving bitumen grade 100/150 in our Refinery, This grade of penetration bitumen usually used as a Paving Bitumen for below applications:

• Road construction
• Manufacture of ASPHALT pavements with excellent properties.
• Produce of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses, it’s especially for asphalt sub_bases and binder courses with High Modulus

All BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS also Bitumen 100/150 in PETRO TAR factory are tested on a daily basis by our in-house lab.


• New Steel Drums 150 Kg
• New Steel Drums 185 Kg
• Poly Bag (Bitu Bag) 300 Kg
• Poly Bag (Bitu Bag) 500 Kg
• Poly Bag (Bitu Bag) 1 MT
• Bulk

INSPECTION: SGS, GEOCHEM, COTECNA, …. by customer request.

Ask us the best price for high quality & purity Iranian bitumen 100/150 & Pure oxidized bitumen.


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