Japan to resume oil imports from Iran

Japan to resume oil imports from Iran

Following an agreement by the United States to exempt Japan from any sanctions measures, Japanese oil companies start importing crude from Iran.

The Japanese Tade Minister Hiroshige Sekō said there is no problem in importing oil and that the program is on the agenda of Japanese companies, Japan's Niki Japan News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the biggest Iranian oil customers are exempted from the oil sanctions and can continue purchasing it for at least another 180 days.

However, according to the report, Iran's oil sales have fallen somewhat, but since December, the mentioned countries exempted from sanctions, are continuing to buy from Iran.

Seko said in an interview with reporters that private companies could also decide to buy oil from Iran, but as long as the Japanese government is in the process, its companies are ready to import Iranian crude.

Source: IRNA