Bitumen Applications

The Introduction of Product Applications

Product introduction regarding its character (mediator, consumer, capital goods):
The surveyed material as raw material in producing asphalt for road construction and also products related to building insulation has usage , so it can be grouped as mediatory and raw material.

While the main usage of kinds of Bitumen is in the field of road construction and building insulation, the Bitumen produced in this company is not only used in two above mentioned fields but it also has extended to wide applications in different industries. Besides, the produced Bitumen in less volume is used in making battery, shoes, tyre, coating underground tubes(to transfer water, oil, Gas, and so on), asphalt papers , filling  joint  points of  switches , car  internal plates , mould making materials( such as electricity sockets), heat insulations, asphalt adobes, preparing lumbers for rail road and etc.

The consumption pattern of the society:
The consumption back ground of the discussed material goes back to five thousand years ago and the place of the product in road construction and building insulation has a high importance.